Friends…How many of us have them?

Since I started college, I have moved pretty regularly.  The max time I have spent in any place was 5 years, and that was because I started grad school where I went to college (I moved again to finish). If you’d asked me before I left home, I would have said there wasn’t anything I would miss about Cleveland other than my family.  I went to school two hours away  from home and found out I lied.

I missed Vienna corned beef (and for all you folk who THINK you know the best corned beef spot in Cleveland, kill yourself. Vienna supplies your spot). I missed Big Bite (my Gyro/polish boy spot that wouldn’t deliver…even though though they said they did).  When I got home, I hooked up with my folk from high school and went and got the food I missed while I was away. We always made sure to catch up on breaks, we visited each other at school (even though I didn’t make it to the REAL HU), and made sure we had MORE than enough of all the food I missed (I love food, don’t judge me).

Then we all graduated and life took us down different paths. That’s when I realized one of the biggest things I missed about home: being able to catch up with my friends. Some of them moved away, some of them got married and some of them just got caught up on their jobs. All of a sudden, it was a lot harder to coordinate those food runs or week kong club hops. I went from a couple weeks (at most) to a couple months finding out what was going on in their lives and filling them in on what was going on in mine. Slowly but surely, the days of partying until 6 am, going to Broadway Diner, sleeping until 8pm and waking up to do it again the next night were fading away.

It’s interesting though. I have lived in 4 different cities (not counting abroad) since I started college, and I have managed to keep in touch with (most of) my friends from high school. I have friends I keep in touch with from college, and I have friends that I touch bases with in the other cities I have lived in. Having freshly moved to a new city where none of those friends live, I feel like I’m starting over again. I’m like the kid at school.

Yesterday I was talking to @syncserious (on the phone) and we started talking about friends. The conversation boiled down to taking stock of the number of lifetime friends you will have. I realize that most people (self included) have transitional friends. There are people I was cool with in college who I haven’t more than sent a Facebook message to since. There are people who I’ve met over the years who I said “yeah, I don’t mind going out with (insert name here), but we ain’t really cool like THAT”, and I knew it was someone whose number would eventually just be taking up space in my phone.  Moments like that make me wish for the spring breaks/random weekends/summer vacations that I spent with people whom I plan to know for the rest of my life.

If I haven’t learned anything else about life, I’ve learned that everything must change. All of my friendships have changed in ways I never would have imagined. Friends I never though I’d call for advice have threatened to charge me $4.99/minute for a phone call. People I used talked to every other day are people I might talk to every other month.  I can’t claim to know who my lifetime friends will be, but I’m already thankful for and to them.


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