Fair Trial….unless it concern’s the fair skinned

For a little variety (and to add a little testosterone), I brought in  guest blogger. I had no doubt he would hit it out of the park…but you can decide for yourself. Enjoy.

SHOUTOUT to my Dear Friend/Mentor/Spec CeCe for letting me guest-post on her blog!

I know that everyone has had enough of the never-ending Tiger Woods sex scandal escapades. And I really didn’t want to say anything about it, either. Really, I didn’t. If there is one thing that I cant stand more in any facet of media, its saturation, especially when its regarding something completely and utterly repetitive. Nobody wants to hear the same thing over and over again, unless we are talking about the American media consumer. We’ve heard this story before, people, and not too long ago either. Don’t believe me?

There was this NBA player who had made a pretty decent name for himself. Won multiple championships, Olympic Gold Medals, endorsements from the largest companies you can think of, given a leading role in box office smash movie, his own insanely successful shoe brand, and the other perks you get when you are the global sports icon. Not a global sports icon, THE global sports icon. Well, if you haven’t already figured out who this is (idiot), its Michael Jordan. The same Michael Jordan whose wife filed for divorce, allegedly because of Michaels incessant cheating ways. Did you know that? For those who did, you probably remember that this wasn’t really given much coverage, not NEARLY as much as Tiger Woods did. But why?

I think its safe to say that Tiger and Michael during his heyday were on the same level of the sports hierarchy. Its also safe to say the things Tiger said/did/texted were pretty much identical to the things MJ did while he was married, considering they’re good friends.(Quick Richan Note: Birds of a feather do flock together. Know your circle.) So what caused Tiger to get such a backlash from the public for HIS infidelity, what did Tiger do that lost him so many endorsements and the admiration from some of his female fans? Why didn’t MJ have to have a Obama-style press conference apologizing to the whole world for doing what many sports superstars are guilty of?

Heres why: Tiger did all of these things to a white woman.

Before you think im just “playing the race card”, keep in mind that when speaking of America’s history in their portrayal and exploitation the black athlete, there’s not much else in the deck. *shrugs*. If you want more information on that, I strongly suggest you read William C. Rhoden’s book ’40 Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete’. Do I have to give you a history lesson on America’s feelings on interracial relationships? Yeah, we’re entering a new time where people are more open to change, but lets not get it twisted for one second. When it comes to the MAJORITY of White America, its still frowned upon. Less than 50 years ago, you could get killed for even looking at a white woman if you were a black man. Just because laws were made to prevent the murders doesn’t mean the feelings that inspired the murders went away. Lets be honest, if Elin Woods were Tanya Woods, this story would have gotten as much coverage as Ben Roethlisberger’s sexual assault accusations—which is barely any. We are in the midst of a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback being accused of sexual assault for a second time. We haven’t heard so much as a peep from that guy. We haven’t seen one corporation back off from him. Kobe Bryant, however, was accused of sexual assault once in 2003. He had to have a huge, tearful, press conference pleading his innocence. He was a global PARIAH. He lost his endorsements. He lost respect from virtually everyone. He was even blackballed in his own league by players. Only until he won his championship last year can you say that his journey back from that disastrous fall finally complete. Two months ago, NFL player Eric Green was sued by a transvestite woman for $10 million dollars for sodomizing her. That sounds like an much more eye-catching story if you ask me. If it was a white woman, I bet you would have heard about before now….yeah, Im pretty sure you would. You’re going to sit there and tell me that they don’t have it out for the black men that dare to defile their precious white woman. Give me a motherf#*$* break.

Tiger was utterly HUMILIATED. Humiliated to the point where he, a proud world champion of his sport,had to formally apologize to the entire public for transgressions in his PRIVATE life. He is taking an incredible personal, financial, and psychological toll from all of this.  Im not trying to defend a cheater, but I will definitely defend a Black man who is getting torn to shreds because Middle and upper-class White America want to give him a 21st century lynching because of their racial sentiments.

I have way more to say, but this is a blog. Not a dissertation. Follow me at @Ar_Aye_Gee17.


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