He is boutta be S.O.L at 2...

I almost feel like I could just post this picture and let you think of it what you will, but I like words. I plan on slanging a few to let you know what I mean.

Time has always played an important role in my life. I use to look forward to specific years (like 16, 18, and 21), but here recently I’ve noticed that I have been counting down specific periods of time to some “magical” moment. I counted down the time until I got out of college, I counted down my time in grad school, and I counted down to the day I would start my (now old) job. Now that I’ve done most of the things I was supposed to do (going to college, graduating and getting a job) I have started to streamline my focus from looking at time to looking at timing.

um...now WHAT??

Thinking about it, TIMING really is the thing we want to master. A chance meeting that ends in happily ever after or a car accident that end in death are both ruled by it and crazily enough, there is no REAL way to control it. Several elements make timing impossible to master, the biggest one being that the influences that work on it are often multifactorial. No man (or woman) can control how or what things happen to him, though he can decide how he will react to the things that happen to him.  Still, being able to control respond to the situation doesn’t change the fact that the timing is out of our control.

So..you are talking about yourself there fella?

Need specific examples? What about not being able to get the timing down for your breathing in swimming? Struggling with that can keep you out of the water completely. How about booking any kind of ticket only to find if you would have waited one more day you could have paid less? Getting to the meat of the matter (and the point of this post) what about meeting the person who is otherwise perfect for you except you can’t get the timing for the relationship right?

It's all fun and games until someone is a murder

I am a full believer of the “reason, season, lifetime bit”, but I do believe that some people who fall into different categories all based on timing. Say Boy meets girl. Girl is smitten with Boy, but boy doesn’t really notice. When he starts to notice, maybe he starts to give girl a little attention, but not anything like what she wishes she could get from him. Girl rides it out, decides to let Boy go, and moves on. Boy and Girl remain friends, and some time later, Boy realizes what he has lost in Girl. He asks Girl to give him a REAL chance now that he has come to terms with his feelings…but Girl says no because: she has moved on to a new boy, she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship, or Girl’s feeling about boy have since changed.

In this particular scenario, Boy and Girl can be interchanged, but the point is that the story is rarely as straight forward as I have made it here. Maybe Boy had just gotten out of a relationship and had decided to take some time out before jumping into another relationship. Maybe Girl being stewing on her feelings for a long time, made her feelings known and would have accepted nothing less than an immediate reaction from boy because she wanted to be in a relationship. Perhaps Boy was so focused in reaching his personal goals that he didn’t feel like he had time to balance the attention from girl and pursue his passion.

The exact details aren’t important. For some people, the details might not ever be known.  Boy and Girl still passed each other like ships in the night.


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