God don’t make mistakes

I’ve had more than a couple topics I could blog about, but I’ve just now found the time to sit at my computer.

As I sit looking at the skyline of the city wherein I feel I really reached adulthood, I am overwhelmed by what He as brought me through and what He has brought me to.  I feel like there are some many times in our lives where circumstances give us the opportunity to grow in our faith, and I know it can be hard to really step back and recognize those opportunities in that moment. It can be just as hard -if not harder- to understand when you have received what you asked Him for.

I always as for Divine Alignment when I pray. I certainly want to fulfill the purpose he has for me and I can’t think of a better way to know what that is than asking the Source.  Still, I bet like most people struggle when I don’t feel that things are going the way I want to I -despite my having asked for that alignment- might keep hitting my head against a brick wall.  I try and rationalize this stubbornness, and sometimes the harder things get the more I rationalize. To keep myself moving forward, I pull out the old cliches: “Nothing worth having comes easy”. “There has to be a “test” for there to be a testimony” “Life has meaning only in the struggle”.

Being able to pull those out help, but only to a certain point.

While I do believe SOME blessing come with a storm, I don’t believe ALL blessings do. I think that we bring the storm on ourselves sometimes. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to the little signs that show us that something/someone we are pursuing is not who God has for us. I think that happens for two reasons, neither being mutually exclusive.

The first is that -for all the talk about patience being a virtue- is that we are NOT patient. I can speak for my generation when we want what we want not now, but RIGHT now. Even though we might believe that good things come to those who wait, it can be hard to wait it out when the period is indefinite.  I think of it like calling in to any automated answering service and waiting to get some human assistance. SOME places give you the benefit of telling you how long you might have to wait, and even give you the option of leaving a number so they can call you back (shoutout to Direct Loans). Other places hit you with the “your call is extremely important to us. Please continue to hold until the next available representative is available”. They have you waiting so long you are instantly angry with the person who comes on the line.  Oh, my call is important, but I was just on hold for 30 minutes?!

The second gets more to the meat of the matter, and it’s probably a little more controversial. I firmly believe in self-fulfilling prophecy, that you will get out of life what you believe you will get out of life. There are a lot of people out here paying lip service to all the good they feel they deserve/think they are going to get who don’t really believe that in their heart of hearts.  What you really believe will manifest itself in your life. If you think all men are dogs, you might find yourself rolling with the pound puppies. If you believe everyone at the job has it out for you and they don’t want you to be successful, you might find that you aren’t at that job, or the next job, OR the next job.

My last post was about stepping out of faith. I believe that we have to do that. As the Good Book (and a good friend) pointed out to me, faith without works is dead. If we say we believe that “God has us” but don’t step out of His way to let Him take care of things, we might continue to struggle in our lives and in our faith. While some of that struggle is inherent in developing faith, recognizing the struggle and applying our God-given wisdom to come in alignment with His will helps us to grow in our faith. There is no cookie cutter approach to this walk, as it is one ever (wo)man has to take alone.

But trust, God don’t make mistakes.


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