F*ck You Pseudo Boyfriend Part III

Whatever the circumstances, that sure seems like a lot of bullshit for some cake”

I hope you all took a chance to read the entire “F*ck You Pseudo Boyfriend” series. I want to start of by thanking CeCe for letting me guest blog yet again.
That quote at the top came from “F*ck you Pseudo Boyfriend Part 2”, one that poked a hole in the fundamentals of “The Franchise Tag”. Why would a man go through so much for one woman when hes not trying to be completely with. Those headaches, those phone calls, those proverbial warning signals that girls give to let the man know that they want to take this to the next level. Well, its quite simple. These men have handed out franchise tags without properly evaluating their Salary Cap. Yes, yet another football analogy, but bear with me as I bring this all together.
A man’s relationship Salary Cap is amount of time, energy, and care he has available for his woman or women. Some men have high salary caps and can dole out whatever to any woman without a sweat. Some dont really have much to give, but they plan accordingly and put themselves in situations where much isn’t expected. Its these problem ass jokers out here who have no clue what their cap is. Completely oblivious to what they can provide or handle relationship-wise, so they give ladies these emotional blank checks, and right before she tries to cash it, they’re calling their bank begging for a stop on the payment. It doesn’t work like that, bruh. Thats how you get large sides of bullshit to go with your cake. You could be entertaining only one female romantically and not know your salary cap, and that will screw you big time in the long run. Some guys need to just accept the fact that your Salary Cap might only be built for one girl. If you have it in you to pimp, then brush your shoulders off and do the damn thing, but at least KNOW where you stand.
But the ladies arent completely off the hook though. Sometimes, you need to see a man’s salary cap for him (and it goes vice versa as well). You may see this as ‘the man’s job’ but I ask you this question: Who’s the one that looks stupid at the teller booth when that check bounces? Take a second and step all the way out of the matrix, because what you want a guy to have may not necessarily be what he has to offer. You dont hear about players offering their services to cash-strapped teams, because they know they wont get what they want. So it wouldn’t make sense for you to do it, either. At the end of the day, the “cake” that we eat is given by yall, I would hope to God you make that cake something a guy has to fight for.
I cant see the benefit in dealing with a whole bunch of BS just for a girl to hang around, but on the flip side, I dont understand what the BS is for either. If that man aint SAY thats his girl, then that’s not his girl. This may probably the only time actions dont speak louder than words. And even if youre stuck in a dilemma about whether you two are going anywhere or not, (wo)man up and just ask. If you get a bullshit answer, well…….dont question any further. Problem is, too many think that they have the power to change someone else.

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