The Lost Files…TOTD

Sometimes the very opportunities that we pray for are the ones we dismiss when they show up. They might not look exactly how we thought they would. Usually, they show up as something that is not quite as stable as the situation we are presently in. In those cases, fear, doubt, and worry can creep up and try to block the blessing.  It shows up in many ways: “what if this doesn’t work out?”,”I don’t want to leave these folks in the lurch”,”this doesn’t feel like the right time to move”, ” I am not financially where I want to be”, “this drive is going to be too far”and the like.  In my experience that thing has a way of doggedly pursuing you.  All of the things that would stop you fall away. You find out the money is good, that someone else can do your job, you are sought out by the very thing you were considering. Remember that your first mind is your God mind, that any change inspires discomfort, and that discomfort can inspire growth. Don’t miss your good thing because you are scared.


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