The Lost Files…TOTD

As we grow more into ourselves, it is also necessary that we become adept at bounty setting. This may happen in all areas of our lives; professionally, inter-personally, and romantically. Whereas you may have been a worker who would take the shift when no one else would stay because you felt you couldn’t say no, you might now turn it down without a second thought. While you might have a past of excusing or ignoring callous or uncaring behavior from friends, you might be more inclined to address it with them. Though previous relationships may have allowed for more compromise and sacrifice, you may have cultivated a set of principles and standards on which you will not compromise. Remember, change happens within you first, and then the world around you has toacclimate to the change. Help them by examining those boundaries, explaining them clearly, and being firm and consistent. Introduce the world to who you are, because who you were is in the past. Understand, too, that there will be a period of adjustment for all parties; we are creatures of habit and old habits die hard. Those meant to move forward with you will. Thank those who don’t for their role in your evolution.


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