The Lost Files… TOTD

If we look at life as a series of lessons, the we should also remember that lessons are about mastery.  The final test, and the appearance of it, tells is that we are at the brink of mastery. Along the way, there are a series of “test as you go” situations that help us attain mastery. And just like in school, mastery moves from specificity to generalization. As we learn and grow, we can benchmark our progress by our ability to achieve “x” outcome in “y” situation. True mastery is trusting in divine wisdom and knowing the outcome will be awesome, no matter what outward situations suggest. So don’t worry if things seem like they are becoming harder, crazier,  outlandish, larger-than-life- or difficult to navigate. Instead, Embrace the opportunity of mastery. Examine yourself and your actions and make sure you are walking in the faith that the Great I Am is getting you ready for the next level, and rest assured that you can reach it. If you didn’t have to tools, you wouldn’t have gotten the test.


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