The Lost Files…TOTD

There is something beautiful about watching a storm throughout its process. Prior to the storm, there is silence. Until we are in it, we have no idea how severe, destructive, gentle, or soothing it might be. The darkness of the clouds and the bluster of the wind may give is promises the storm itself may not keep. When the storm comes on all of its glory, things are changed. The old is cleansed, displaced, or made anew. Sturdy buildings may withstand a beating, while strong trees might get uprooted and blown away. Eventually, the storm ends and the calm settles anew.

When the storm comes, we may or may not decide to prepare for it. The real action comes in its aftermath. Do you seize the opportunity the new day offers or do you mourn what has fallen away?  I choose renewal.  I choose to rejoice in the new sun and the new way. Choose wisely.


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