The Lost Files…TOTD

At any age, we can have difficulty with owning and understanding our
identities. Many things can contribute to that. Though our possessions
and our surroundings aren’t directly related to who we are, they
certainly can influence who we perceive ourselves. As I drove to work
this morning, I reflected on how I feel I have come full circle in my
life. I have gone through periods where my abundance is as evident to
the outside world as it is to me, and I have gone through times where
I have smiled and kept faith in my abundance when it wasn’t as clear.
I have been able to share that abundance, and I have gone full circle.
Throughout those times, I have never been able to run from who I was.
I have spent my last $5 to give a meal to a woman who told me she was
hungry when I didn’t know where the next $5 was coming from. I have
also learned that there is a difference between standing steadfast in
my abundance and pretending things are okay when they are not.
Sometimes life has a way of turning things upside down to show you
that you aren’t as in touch with yourself as you think you are. When
you can move through those times with relative aplomb and know that
things are going to work out. When you know that you are supported but
are still committed to making your own way despite any difficulties
you make and make a PLAN to do that, that is when you can truly say
you know yourself. We all have fear, doubt and worry. Knowing and
being comfortable with yourself means smiling and moving forward
despite them.


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